If I never see turkey again, it’ll be okay

We are having hamburgers for Christmas. Three turkey celebrations is 2 too many.

I think the kids are turning into turkeys.


I’m pretty sure this is an illness

Black Friday is over. Yes, my crazy self was up at 4:20 and out the door at 4:30. Why? Because Walmart had some really great deals on toys. Toys? I think everyone else was there for the cheap flat panel TV’s, but there I was standing in line in the freezing cold this morning so that I could score $4 Hannah Montana pajamas, a $15 Fisher Price piano, and tons more stuff to fill the void under our silver Christmas tree this year.  i could have stayed home in my nice warm bed with my husband, Maggie & Liam, who were all snuggled up under a big, warm comforter sleeping, but no, I was out shopping. No, to be correct, most of my time this morning was spent in the police controlled line outside of the store.

Let me tell you, it was C-O-L-D this morning as I stood in the line outside waiting to enter the Walmart, but I can see the smiles that will light up the faces of my children on Christmas morning when they open their presents. It’s worth it.

An update: I sent them out

The weather ended up being gorgeous. They played outside all afternoon, and hopefully they will all sleep soundly tonight….this would be nice so I can start pies and whatnot for tomorrow & the next day’s celebrations.

One of the extra school-aged kids here today seems to have had an accident of sorts. I came in the playroom and would have sworn the darn cat crapped somewhere, and I asked the kids to help me find where. Then, I realize, it is not cat droppings, this child is where the odor is coming from. I offered him up a plausible explanation that he must have stepped or sat in doggie doo outside today along with a clean pair of pants. I think that saved him some embarassment. He changed, walked back in the room and Dustin makes fun of him for wearing sweatpants and I say, “Dude, those are yours.”

Is it too cold to send them out to play?

Today is one of our kazillion days off of school. I don’t normally mind the days off because it means that my big kids will be here along with some extra big kids that I make some extra money from (and bonus, they entertain my kids). However, I prefer days off to occur when it is above freezing.

I can’t send the kids out to play by the creek, on the big ole swingset/fort, with waterguns, or even in the leaves when there is frost on the ground. Dustin is still *unplugged* so television, video games, etc. are not a great option, how mean would I be if I let his friend play SmackDown while Dustin sat in the hallway? Ten thousand thank yous to my wonderful husband for cleaning up the basement so the kids can be loud and play down there while little bittys sleep.


Maggie is cutting teeth and has a snotty nose today. She isn’t wonderfully pleasant. Poor baby, I hope this is a short process.


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I have so much to be thankful for….one thing being that I didn’t hit *confirm purchase* on my Gymboree order yesterday, I found out that everything will be 30% off starting at 11pm CST tomorrow night and I can use my 20% off coupon on top of that AND another addded bonus is that they are giving out Gymbucks!

National City Bank has officially lost my business

I normally talk about my kids in here, but this will be an exception.

My debit/atm card from National City Bank expired 11/08. On November 1, I still had not recieved my new card from the bank. It was a Saturday, so on Monday when my card had still not been recieved, my husband went to the bank to inquire the whereabouts of the new card.

November 3: The branch employee searches the system and tells my husband that the card had been mailed around October 20. They will order a new card. It will take 7-10 business days.

Friday, November 7: I go to McDonalds and have to use my Discover card. This is not cool. Perhaps McDonalds isn’t a necessity, but I like to treat the pumpkins every now and again.

Saturday, November 8: Grocery day. Nice, no card. I shop at Aldi and guess what they take…cash, debit, or a check (I think they take those?). I can’t do cash because I refuse to walk around with a couple hundred dollars in my pocket with 4 small children. This really isn’t a safe option. I don’t carry a checkbook. I take John’s broken card, praying it won’t break further, and go to the store after he gets home from work.

Sunday, November 9: The tank needs gas. I cannot leave my 4 kids in the car while I go prepay with cash. John fills the Suburban (another reason for no cash…that’s a small fortune to fill)

Tuesday, November 11: I need to pay for something online. My Paypal account is tied to my debit card (expired) and our savings account. I have to use the Discover card – another unneccessary charge.

Friday, November 14: I have now been without access to our account for 14 days. John goes to bank, asks what the hold up is. They tell him that the card was mailed, I should have recieved it. I have not. He asks them to again, please reorder, this is ridiculous. The tellor says something doesn’t look right. Does his wife still live in Florissant? WHAT? When we moved 2 farking years ago, we changed our banking information…but somewhere in the depths of this complex National City Banking system our old address was still linked to me, and this is where not one, but 2 new debit cards were sent. Not happy, my husband requests yet again for another card to be mailed, this time to the bank. They said 7-10 business days, he says no, please put a rush on it, don’t you understand my wife needs this? Fine. They tell him it will be there in 2-3 business days.

Wednesday, November 19: John goes to bank. No card. A tellor suggest that maybe, “your wife ought to use the time tested thing called cash.” WRONG FARKING ANSWER. Maybe National City Bank ought to get their act together to fix their lack of customer service and to offer some sensitivity training to their employees.

Friday, November 21: John goes to bank. NO CARD. Are we surprised? No apologies either. They offer to call if it arrives via courier. We don’t hold our breath.

Sunday, November 23: Groceries, Walmart, gas….no, I definately don’t need access to my money.

Today is Monday, November 24. I have been without my debit card from this piss-poor establishment for 3 solid weeks now. We have opened a Bank of America account.

Until further notice, I’ll assume it was an accident

There was a time in the not so distant past where what happened in my dryer today would have been a tragedy. There was a time, maybe less than two years ago, where when I opened my dryer door and found the scene that I found this evening would have been a situation where I immediately logged onto www.diaperswappers.com for a sympathetic ear to cry to. However, tonight I’ll blog about it and hope that either someone can relate, or at least find a little humor in the story I am about to tell.

Pre-Goodmama, I had what most cloth diapering moms might consider a nice *hyena stash* full of Clothmopolitans, Fussybutts, Righteous Baby, First Class Baby’s and other high-end work at home mom (WAHM) made diapers. Several of the aforementioned diapers, some really nice bamboo preflats (here’s my plug for www.hyenacart.com/littlemstore) and all my Thirsties covers were in the wash today. Cold rinse, hot wash, cold rinse and into a HOT dryer we go. I’ve done this routine more times than I can count over the last 3.5 years, so it is easy to understand how I missed the BRIGHT ORANGE CRAYON that was dropped into my diaper pail. Had I taken the time to gaze with admiration (as I embarrassingly used to do) as I put each diaper in the dryer, I might have discovered it before it was too late, but no…I grabbed the wad of clean, wet diapers and threw them into the dryer and turned it on. Maybe had I checked to see if they were dry when the buzzer sounded, I could have saved one or two of them, but nope…I just turned it on for the 2nd cycle without a glance or a thought.

Every.Last.Diaper is now a shade of orange and/or has bright orange markings all over them.

I am glad that I never gave in and bought a GoodMama and planned my child’s college tution based upon their resale value, because as of today, at least half of my diapers officially have been resigned to the FFS (free for shipping) section on www.diaperswappers.com or www.clothdiapernation.com .


….or maybe I’ll market them as High Quality, Preloved, UNIQUELY HAND DYED BY A CHILD diapers, and I’ll get some money out of them when Maggie finishes using her pretty diapers.

But Mom, I can explain

Two steps forward and one step back, that’s the game we play when raising children, right? Two hard fought steps forward and then the inevitable one step backwards. It is progress report time at the elementary school. Usually this day is no different than any other before it, but 2nd quarter, 4th grade is a different story for us this year.

The kids came home from school yesterday, bounding through the door, ready for snacks, play and so on. Dustin asks if he can watch tv, and I said sure, he could even watch our big tv – he didn’t need to use the one in the playroom. I ask for lunchboxes and red folders. The folders contain papers and a million pieces of paper reminding me about craft night, fundraisers, and short days ahead. I reach into Dustin’s bag and he tells me that I need to sign his progress report and send it back. Then I see the panic in his face as he proclaims, “Mom. I can explain.”

Me: What?

Him: I got a D in Math.


Him: I got a D in Math and a C in English.

Me: Turn off the TV.

I open his paper. Yep, there it is, a big D in Math and a C in English with a note from the teacher saying that these grades were reflecting homework not turned in. Homework that he had misplaced between our house and his desk, because I had seen his finished work every night. I called the teacher. We talked. I turn to Dustin who had been hovering nearby.

Him: But Mom, I can explain.

Well, I let him explain for a couple of minutes and then I explained to him how life is going to be without television, gameboy, PS2 and a computer. We call this Unplugged around here, and I’ve not had to Unplug anyone in quite some time. I suppose it was time. It pained me greatly to see my son cry. I want him to understand that this isn’t okay, which is why he was Unplugged. He can still read, play, and be a kid, but without the electronic distractions. His teacher and I will be in constant contact over the next few months, and after two weeks of completed homework turned in on time everytime Dustin will regain his privledges. I have full faith and confidence that he will meet this goal in two weeks.

After our talk, he magically found a couple of the missing papers in the bottom of his backpack. I imagine that he likely found a couple more wadded in his desk today at school. His teacher will allow him to turn them in for credit.

Last night before bed we talked. I told him I loved him and hugged him tight. This is only a step backwards, soon we’ll be moving forward again with another life lesson learned.