Liam has a minion, lunch and cold weather

In addition to being a mom, I also run an in-home daycare. I care for 3 small children, who fit into our family much like cousins might. Liam and D spend much time playing together, fighting, and doing things that little boys do…like write on my walls when I’m not looking. D is a full year younger than Liam, though he has at least 5 pounds on him. Today the boys decided to double team A, an 18 month old girl, only they changed their usual tactic. Liam sat under the club house (a table with a blanket) and would send D out to take toys from A and to harass her. D was all to happy to comply, and once I realized what was going on I told him to not be Liam’s little minion. Secretly I laughed though.

Today for lunch the kids had mac-n-cheese w/ ham, peas & applesauce. If you have children, you just know this was not a good idea. The children all are wearing applesauce – mostly in the hair because clearly applesauce is best used as a conditioner as opposed to something you might eat. Several peas have been strategically squished onto the table, and the mac-n-cheese with ham was picked through – two plates have only ham sitting on them, and the other is missing the ham. I think tomorrow I’ll just put everything together in a large bowl and save myself the effort. Oh, and I’ll go ahead and put a couple of Hot Wheels in there too, because apparently the applesauce also worked well as a pit to drive through for a few cars today.

We had our first freeze last night. I think fall is about over and we are moving head on into winter. Everyday after school I send the big kids outside to run some of the stink off of them, the basement doesn’t have the same effect. Until it is below freezing, I think I’ll keep sending them out to play.

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