An update: I sent them out

The weather ended up being gorgeous. They played outside all afternoon, and hopefully they will all sleep soundly tonight….this would be nice so I can start pies and whatnot for tomorrow & the next day’s celebrations.

One of the extra school-aged kids here today seems to have had an accident of sorts. I came in the playroom and would have sworn the darn cat crapped somewhere, and I asked the kids to help me find where. Then, I realize, it is not cat droppings, this child is where the odor is coming from. I offered him up a plausible explanation that he must have stepped or sat in doggie doo outside today along with a clean pair of pants. I think that saved him some embarassment. He changed, walked back in the room and Dustin makes fun of him for wearing sweatpants and I say, “Dude, those are yours.”


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