Who turned off the lights?

We had a near miss tonight. While vacuuming the damn blue carpet tonight, it was noticed that the outlet was sparking. Oh crap. Down to the electrical panel John flies. Seriously, I’ve only seen him move this fast on a few other occasions, namely when I fell down our staircase in the 1st trimester with Maggie, and the time he fell down into the concrete drainage ditch behind our old house while trimming a tree. The latter occasion was obviously not by choice. Anyway, downstairs he goes to turn off the circuit.

Now, it’s a good thing John is so smart, otherwise we’d have had to have an electrician here on a Sunday night, and that’s not cheap. A lot of doggone stuff is on that circuit too, like the kitchen lights and microwave, so cooking dinner had to wait. Like I said before, my husband is smart, but he is also a Jack of all Trades too, so he replaced the outlet right then! Gotta love a handy man.

Of course, the kids had some interesting reactions. Dorothy wanted to make sure we knew that “They” turned out half of our lights…I think she assumed the power company was just having a good time with us or something like that. Dustin was hoping the TV wasn’t going to be next. Liam’s prime concern was not the lack of lighting, but why he couldn’t be right in the mix of things helping Daddy.

I’m convinced that if it weren’t for the blue carpet and it’s constant need to be vaccumed, that this would have never happened. The plug in the blue room would have never otherwise seen so much action, and it wouldn’t have burned up.


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