Nuts are not weapons

Sorry for the downer post

Nuts are not weapons, and we will not play war games using pretend nuts like hand grenades or M16s.

Yes, I actually had to say that last night to my boys because they were upsetting Dorothy. Dorothy suffers from anaphylactic allergies to all tree nuts, so everyone here knows that nuts are deadly. I know that Liam yelling from behind the recliner that he’s going to throw a nut at Dustin to *kill* him was not meant to upset his sister, or to tease her in any way, but it did upset her – a lot.

Dustin and Dorothy’s stepmom’s dad passed away this week, so perhaps that is why the nut grenade idea bothered her so much. I think that for most kids the finality of death isn’t something they think about often, but we have used the word “death” in talking about her allergies. I know some people just tell their kids that X food will make them sick, but that’s not the approach we have taken.

I don’t know, maybe I’m making the wrong choice by telling her how serious her allergies are. I just want her to understand.


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