The default color is grey

Paint, Playdoh, gum, etc., pretty much anything that children play with will turn grey after enough usage. Today we are painting. I try to discourage the use of the black color, but Liam really likes it. A lot.

He isn’t very good at rinsing the brush between colors, so all of our colors get gummed up real good with black. This makes his pictures, well…grey. I am considering manufacturing paints that do not contain the color black at all. There won’t be an empty slot in the paint container, it will just be a little shorter than your normal paint palate.  I’m fairly certain that the paintings will still turn out grey, but maybe it will take less time.

A tip I will share for my friends who don’t bust out the paint palates due to the mess is this: Buy some cheap spiral bound notebooks and use them as paint books for your budding artist. This contains the mess, and because we don’t rip books, will save the floor beneath your refrigerator from dripping masterpieces.


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