Decompressing from the Holidays

Four solid days of Christmas, Christmas, and more Christmas is entirely too much. Though I can think of 40 odd other things I’d rather be doing, being back to work today is a good thing. Normalcy is good and I’m looking forward to lugging the kids in what my brother refered to as *the Bus*, to tae kwon do tonight. A delicious lunch of chicken nuggets, macaroni and canned green beans sounds quite divine today, though I’ll be honest here and admit that I probably would benefit from a delicious shake, a.k.a. SlimFast. Yes, I admit it, all the holiday sweets, fudge, pies and continuous buffets of fat-filled goodies has hit the waistline. Yay for salad!

Our house is filled to the brim with all sorts of new and exciting things to do, play with and look at. Now, we just need to figure out where to put all of this stuff. I’m considering *in with the new and out with the old*, but my children seem to be somewhat unwilling to part with their gear that has accumulated over the last several years. My husband is taking off of work one day this week, and I think he’ll be adding more closet shelving, which will help provide homes for all of the displaced Little People invading Liam’s room. Dorothy and Dustin already have the shelves in their closets, so I’m thinking a bit of creative organizing (and toy thinning while they are away) will tidy up their rooms as well. More challenging is what to do with Maggie’s things. Up till now, she’s had nothing but clothing and diapers to worry about, but Santa was good to Maggie and she now has toys, a rocking horse, and more clothes! I’m thinking we need to expand the house and add an attic loft bedroom.


One thought on “Decompressing from the Holidays

  1. ICAM!! Next year, we’ll be living there, so…

    Breakfast: You make whatever rocks your boat; I’ll bring a vegetarian breakfast casserole.

    Lunch: I’ll order Subways the day before. You provide the ice and something to drink.

    Supper: Throw some chicken breasts in the crockpot. I’ll toss a storebought loaf of French bread into your oven and make a salad. You make a dessert and I’ll bring some homemade cookies.

    Snacks: I’ll buy CheezIts, Gardettos’ rye chips, Wheat Thins and make my Christmas dip, because it’s easy and John really likes it!

    Sound like a plan?

    Unless, of course, Mike and I are on a beach somewhere ~ grin ~

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