I’m glad I’m not a teenager

I’m glad I’m not a teenager today. There are far more *things* that distract from reality than I think I could deal with. I just witnessed my stepson being broken up with, for a second time, with a text message. It’s not one way, last year I believe he messaged a girl on Facebook to conclude their dating. At first thought, I thought this is horrible, how could someone be so uncaring to end a relationship on a medium that doesn’t show expression or tone, but after giving it some thought, that is the primary means of communication that was used during the relationship, so why not. I think this might be the problem he is having in keeping a relationship, the beginning is forged using electronic media, from Facebook to text messaging, so when he finally hangs out IRL (in real life) with the girl, he and she don’t know how to act. It is almost as if they have lost the ability to communicate without text messaging, and perhaps if they sat across the dinner table texting or IM’ing they might date longer.

I don’t think the verbal communication loss is unique to my stepson. I think it is happening more and more with children in general, and I fully expect to see this with our younger children, unless something ;in our society changes soon. Technology could truly be our downfall if we lose the ability to have meaningful relationships where talking is the primary form of communication. I guess the irony of this is that I’m blogging about the situation, and most of the people I talk to will read this, I won’t actually *talk* to them about it.


4 thoughts on “I’m glad I’m not a teenager

  1. I’m glad you’re not a teenager today, either. Don’t know if I’d survive a second-go-’round of that…lol…

    I do agree with your assessment of the situation ~ there’s a lot to be said about face-to-face communication, but meeting via Facebook/MySpace/Match.com, etc., although a common way to connect today, is obviously no substitute for meeting someone in person first.

  2. I agree with you on this. Tayler never spoke to her last “boyfriend” on the phone. He and she only communicated via text or at school. It seemed so odd to me.

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