Finding motivation to clean the fridge

I don’t think I’m the only one out there that lacks the proper motivation to clean out the fridge. Now, I’m not talking about tossing out the moldy oranges, or the sour cream that is 2 weeks past it’s expiration date, but really cleaning – like with soap and water. I think it has been, oh maybe, 5 or 6 months since the last thorough scrubbing, and I think it was John who did it. Whenever the cleaning last occurred, it has been awhile. Fridge scrubbing is very low priority on The List of Things to Do.

This morning I had an early start. Six o’clock AM to be exact. I have a new daycare kid, and he’s never been left by his mommy before, so I expected a fair amount of crying. Cup of coffee. Yum. Pack lunches, iron, bake rolls, get kids ready while Maggie rides on my hip and new little 18 month old hangs on my leg with a death grip. Understandably, I could use a little bit of help, so I ask (read tell) Dorothy to put my coffee creamer back into the refrigerator. Good deal, things are good to go. John leaves, taking Dustin and Dorothy to school. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Liam plays, Maggie plays and daycare kiddo seems to be settling down, so I escape into the kitchen to grab a soda.

I open the door and notice that the entire second shelf is white, normally clear, and OH NO it is liquid! Yup, you guessed it, the half and half must have accidentally fallen over somehow and the lid popped off. This brings me back to The List of Things To Do, which is now topped with CLEAN THE REFRIGERATOR. My abscense from the playroom for more than two minutes has been noticed and crying has begun from both Maggie and Daycare kid. Frantically I sop up the cream with a background choir of wailing children and an inspirational solo by Liam begging for a red Popsicle. Sop, scream, sop, cry, rinse, cry, wipe, sob, red Popsicle PLEASE, wipe, wipe, dry. The fridge is clean now. I will now cross that one off the list for another 6 months.


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