Perhaps there is a daycare surplus?

Over a month ago I was given notice by a family I’d been providing childcare for that they would be leaving so mom could stay at home. Great for her, bad for me, as this was a huge chunk of change to me. I started advertising, just like I had in the past, and I have had very little response. Okay, very little doesn’t really describe the response level. It’s like nobody at all needs childcare. Usually I put one ad on CraigsList and BAM – I get 20 replies and fill the vacated slots within days. Not this time. I advertise on Craigslist at least once every other day, every day on weekends, put fliers at the library, Schnucks and IGA, and nada. I have one child that started yesterday, but no other real response. I got one lady who wanted to pay $100/week for 55 hours of care for her infant, and though I’ll work with people sometimes, that’s just too many hours and not enough pay. I also had a mom call about part-time care, she even set up a time to come by but was a no-show.

So, what’s the deal? Are people afraid to make a change if they are unhappy? Are people losing their jobs at alarming rates and therefore no longer needing childcare? Everyone I know has openings right now and I’m beginning to think it is economy related. This really does concern me. Every day I see more ads on CraigsList for childcare available than I did the day before.

Because I’m pretty sure this blog is google-able, here is my basic plug….

Why trust a large corporation for the care of your little ones when you could bring them to my home to be loved and nurtured? I currently have openings available for two children in my daycare. I offer:

– College educated, non-smoking daycare provider with several years experience and great references

– Lots of toys, puzzles, and books

– Food allergy awareness and Epi-Pen training

– Large fenced yard on quiet cul-de-sac

– Lunch and snack provided (breakfast available)

– Low child to provider ratio (I only keep 4 children)

Full and part time openings available.

Hours: 6:30 AM to 5:00 PM

Monday – Friday

Call Tara at XXXXXX, or respond via email to this ad. Thank you for your time.

…and just in case you need childcare and are in St. Charles Missouri, leave me a comment and I’ll get in touch with you.


3 thoughts on “Perhaps there is a daycare surplus?

  1. So, no reason for me to bother placing an ad, huh? I have been telling people that call me about you but noone wants to drive that far. 😦

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