I’m barely able to keep from falling on the floor laughing

Dorothy is wearing a Tinkerbell costume tonight. She must think she looks pretty because she keeps walking up to our entertainment center glass and saying, “Very Pretty.” So then, she wants to make Maggie happy, so she says she is a cheerleader, but she is bouncing up and down singing some made up cheer, but she keeps pulling the skirt up like those little girls do in church when they do special programs. Seriously, cheerleaders don’t show their panties! Oh boy, she is a funny girl.  Tonight she also told me that I am the best cook EVER. I’m flattered, but really, broccolli, cheese, and rice with a little plain yogurt hardly qualifies me for The Food Network.

That said, though, I’d love to get my own cooking show! I think of all the fun stuff I could make, and oh wow, I could have a cookbook with my picture on the front of it! I’m thinking I may move forward with this last bit and I will buy a 3 ring binder, slide my picture in the front and BAM!


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