It’s been a good week!

It’s colder than snake snot outside, but it has been a good week!

Dustin and Dorothy are gearing up for living here full time starting next week because their dad rejoined the Army. I am very excited about this, the kids living here, because I think it will offer them more stability for school and allow us to finally get into a good, predictable routine. For the last 6 years they have gone to their dad’s house every other weekend, and had weekday visits as well. I think I’ve gotten used to their frequent abscense, and though there are positives – like less laundry, more flexibility to just go somewhere, and fewer children to drag out to Aldi, these are a pin in the hat compared to all the negatives….like missing my kids, not getting hugged by all of my children every day, etc. Obviously they will still see their dad and be in contact with him, but it will be during breaks and summers, which will give him uninterrupted time as well. I am hoping that we can all get used to the new arrangement quickly and that the kids adjust easily, though I don’t anticipate any issues. I think the little kids will also like having their siblings around more often.

Maggie cut her top two teeth this week! She is also getting more daring at cruising around the furniture. She is a week shy of 8 months, though it seems like she was just born. Our growing little girl is 19 lbs, which is how much Dustin, Dorothy, and Liam weighed when they turned one. Maggie is also taller than the other kids were, so we may have a supermodel on our hands! She is so easy going too!

Liam is going through an interesting phase of egocentrisism. Like most 3 year olds, this is HIS world and everything revolves around him. He has mini-meltdowns over silly things like not getting a popsicle. I think I’m the only person who is actually buying popsicles in this weather, but the sugar-free mini ones are worth it for my sanity. I figure they are no worse than giving him a drink of sugar-free koolaid. Plus, they save me this arguement:

Liam: I want a popsicle please

Me: We don’t have any

Liam: YOU DO

Me: I’m sorry sweetie, we don’t

Liam: YOU DO!!!

Me: Look, Liam, we really don’t (as I hold him up to the freezer)

Liam: YOU DO!!! followed by him throwing himself on the floor and crying for 5 minutes all the while saying I WANT A RED POPSICLE

Ten years into this parenting thing, I’ve learned that sometimes it’s just not worth the fight and it is just as easy to keep stuff like popsicles on hand, even during the winter. The above mentioned discussion really has happened when I’ve had the nerve to run out of said item.

This week we went to the newly renovated library and I am doing the adult reading challenge to read 7 books by the end of February, if you do you get a nice library tote. I’m almost done with book one. If you read Jack London’s Call of the Wild as part of your 7 books you get an extra big tote bag. I know you can’t actually cheat on this deal, but I don’t think that the books I read aloud to my children count, so I think I’ll leave off Little People’s Firefighter Cheryl, Stuart Little (in easy to read format), and Circle in the Sky (a book about shapes). However, I may include Madeleine L’engle’s A Wrinkle in Time so that I can convince Dustin to read along with me.


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