Well, Of Course we can go to the zoo.

Sure thing! It’s what? 35 degrees outside? Sure thing Mr. Liam, let’s all bundle up and head right on out.

Liam has also invited my one of my daycare children to go with us. Now she also wants to see the penguins. It is certainly cold enough outside though, that the penguin house might be a welcome relief from the cold.

I love how kids get an idea into their minds and they just run with it. Liam will see the sun shining and just know that it is warm enough to play outside, even though the reality is 10 degrees. The optimism is refreshing.

I do wish it was nice enough to go to the zoo, but since today is a holiday it would likely be packed. I’m thinking a nice trip to the library today after work will be a better fit for the weather. Maybe even some HappyDonalds for dinner will fit into the plan, perhaps then, I will be forgiven to saying, “No,” to the zoo plan.


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