On this Innauguration Day

Today is what most would consider an historical day, a day of great significance.  What does this mean for my family? Well, it could mean a whole lot, or it could mean not a whole lot. I guess time will tell. Most people know that I was not a supporter of the elected president during the election process, but I support our country. I support our electoral process,  and I support the current and past service members who have served our country. I hope that my fears regarding this administration are unfounded because I don’t think our economy can get much worse without it becoming like the Great Depression. I wish Mr. Obama luck as he tries to implement change, I only hope it doesn’t cost jobs and money to the tax payers.


2 thoughts on “On this Innauguration Day

  1. And we can park ours right next to yours ~ if we don’t sell this house soon, we may be putting a mother-in-law’s camper in your backyard! ::splort::

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