The teeth must stop now and other news

The biting started about 2 weeks ago with the emergence of the top two teeth. It’s not even awake biting, it is the clamp down when she unlatches. If it doesn’t end, little Miss Maggie’s life as a nursing baby will cease at her 1st birthday. I feel like I should put this down into words, because I’m hoping that by doing so she will make a liar out of me and never clamp down again, kind of like when you tell someone your baby is sitting and you plop them down and they fall over like a piece of Jell-O.

In other news, it is Family Night tonight. I’m still pondering what family friendly meal to make, but I’m leaning towards a crockpot wonder of some variety. Taco’s are usually a big hit, though, so they may win out….or maybe a burrito bake….

I’m trying the library reading challenge to read 7 books by the end of February. I got a late start, but have finished book 1. I’m embarrassed to say what it was….the final book in the Dollanganger series by V.C. Andrews. What a sick-o that woman was. Seriously. How can you write that many books about incest? Screw sibling rivalry, just screw your brother and pretend it’s all good. Eww eww eww. I can’t believe I read the whole series as a teen, and once again as an adult. I still want Cathy to work out with her dancer husband Julian Janus Marquet. How sad is it that I remember his name??? Seriously, I used to have a hamster named for their son, Jory Janus Marquet, and that is why I remember. Oh, that’s not much better, is it?


2 thoughts on “The teeth must stop now and other news

  1. I am already scared of biting. LOL

    I tried to do that reading challenge once. I forgot to turn in my sheet so it didn’t count. duh!

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