Last night we took the 4 littles out for a suprise. After a long hour at tae kwon do, where Maggie, Liam and I patiently waited for Dustin and Dorothy to finish class, we headed over to America’s Incredible Pizza Company where John was already waiting. If you aren’t familiar with AIPC, it is something like Dave and Buster’s combined with Chuck E. Cheese. Sounded wonderful. We paid for our food and bought the kids the Wednesday night special of unlimited play for 90 minutes.

The unlimited play did not include some of the *big* games or the go-carts. That was fine. Dustin and Dorothy were thrilled and had a lot of fun! We went directly to the area with games for smaller children for Liam to play. Surprisingly, the unlimited play didn’t include several of the children’s games, and of the ones it should have worked for a couple were broken. Also, the carpet was already coming up at the seams, this place is new.

The food was better than expected, but the children’s game selection combined with the hefty price tag of the evening pretty much ensures that our family will not return. It was fine for an evening, but I think next time we’ll stick to the tried and true, and leave a little change in our wallet.


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