Crafting and Crockpots

The novelty of being a SAHM wears off pretty quickly. It’s the *staying at home* bit that really takes some adjustment. This is the world that I’ve been in for a few years now. This is why so many of my friends have been met in online mommy forums…because they understand why it is exciting to go to Walmart or the library and we speak the same language. I talk every day on the phone to some of my friends, and every single day we discuss what is in our crockpots, what we put in our kids lunchboxes, any *outtings* we may have planned for the day, as well as what breads or cookies we are baking. We talk about the sales at Aldi, the deals at Sam’s and what is in the upcoming Angel Food box and how to use it. We also talk about diapers, washing them and what is currently on the bum. Another big topic involves our yarny crafts….blankets, hats, scarves, deals on yarns, yarn in general, knitting groups, and patterns. I do love chatting with my friends, and I as much as I like talking about *deep subjects* the noise level in most of our homes simply doesn’t allow for it. If we do manage to tap into a conversation regarding our faltering economy, it must be a successful naptime at both of our homes.

One of my friends recently left the working world when she had a baby. She now is an official SAHM (Stay at Home Mom). I know she has fully emersed herself in the SAHM way of life, because last night she sent me an email that mentioned both crafting and crockpots. I have a favorite line from a really corny movie (Labryinth staring David Bowie)…”Turn back Sarah, turn back while you still can.” I know my friend is reading this…just insert your name LOL!


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