Bust out the SHORTS!

Well, I don’t know that 60 degree weather means all that, but golly to an almost 10 year old boy this is just what he’s been waiting for! Admittedly, we have been outside to play several times today, and I’ve rather enjoyed the short sleeves. Dustin came in this afternoon so stinking excited, he’s “burning up” and really needs short sleeves. Okay, I tell him to go ahead and put them on. Who knew he had shorts ready to wear as well! He and his bike are outta here!

Liam has ridden his 4-wheeler today so much that the battery needs recharged, and I think Maggie has gotten a fair amount of the yearly requirement of dirt ingested. I draw the line at sticks. And where is Dot? Well, she checked out The Secret Garden last night at the library, so she’s holed up in her room knitting and watching her movie. Our resident moron cat took the first opportunity he could get today and escaped out the door…hopefully he comes home in a timely fashion, preferably without fleas.


The Cat Door

Since we moved into this house 2 years ago, our cats have used a Budha Dome litter box. We put it in the towel closet in the kids bathroom, but couldn’t close the closet door, obviously. Several projects down on the list of home improvement projects was “cat door”. We bought the door several months ago and John finally got to it on Sunday.

  • New Litter Box
  • Cat Door
  • Caulk to go around edges
  • Motion Sensor Light
  • 2 hours of time invested

…and the cats are idiots who can’t figure out how to use the door.

Blah blah blah

I am exhausted and it is only Tuesday. I really don’t have any good reason for being so tired, I’m not hardly working at all these days. I’m still fairly booked with children, but they are all part time, and at any given time I seldom have more than 3 kids here during the daytime.  I think the real problem here is that we just can’t go out and play very often due to winter weather. Solution: Tomorrow will be 60 degrees, we are going outside! Loddy-doddy-everybody is going out to play! I think even 15 minutes will benefit us all.

Liam especially needs to get out. I swear somedays he must feel like a caged animal. He NEEDS to run. Like seriously, he is bouncing off the walls when we go too long between outside play times.

On a positive note, it is TakeOut Tuesday! No dirty kitchen for me!

What’s with this?

I don’t know if this behavior is specific to my children, or all children, but the act of shoving as much food as possible into one’s mouth during a single moment drives me crazy. Dustin used to shove everything into his mouth, “Look mom at how I can put a whole cheeseburger in my mouth at one time!” Dorothy did it on a smaller scale, she’s never been a big eater, so I suppose eating it all in a single bit isn’t as exciting. However, a few nights ago at dinner she needed to finish something before she could get up, so she put it all in her mouth at one time. Gah!

This morning, the offender is Master Liam. I pack his lunch box so he can be *big* like Daddy, Dustin and Dorothy. This morning he had grapes, among other items. Yup, you guessed it, “Look Mom!” I turn, and he’s popping those grapes in one at a time so that he looks like a chipmunk. Sighs….then he discovers he can pop them out too. Oh boy! The fun never ends!


I got a call from Dustin a little while ago to ask me if he had verbal permission to participate in Jump Rope for Life, something for American Heart Association. Sure, I have no issues. He told me I didn’t sign the permission slip or fill out the fundraising form. My bad. Dorothy will probably call this afternoon. The problem is this, 40,000 papers come home every night in both kids folders. I wish that at the end of the week, or the beginning they’d send ONE brightly colored sheet home with reminders, upcoming events, etc. Anything important should be put on that one paper. Just last night Dorothy brought home 6 classroom assignments, one homework sheet, a yearbook reminder, library news from the librarian, an update from the art teacher, a Time for Kids book that we are supposed to fill out with 7 of our family and friends names and addresses so they can maybe buy a magazine (we won’t do this, I’d prefer they just ask me for money or reallocate funds), a reminder for yearbook advertisements, and some other piece of paper I wrote on the back of. This is too much stuff.  I feel bad about not signing a permission slip that came home probably on a Friday a week ago, when even more things are shoved into the kid’s folders, but golly, enough is enough.

Apparently I’m not the only mom who failed. Dustin said there was a line to call home.


In other news, Maggie is really and truly walking. I sent out the link of her doing it to many of our friends and family. She is getting better all the time and she looks so cute doing it! It won’t be long now before the crawl is abandoned!


We are watching a movie tonight. It’s called Watcher in the Woods. I remember watching it as a child and it being so scary. I’m sure that as an adult it will be a hokey flick, but that’ okay, I bet the kids will enjoy it. Thank you to our public library for the free 7 day rentals!

The randomness of kids

Liam is at the peak of random commenting. He told our Parents as Teachers educator that he has a dad. He told someone at preschool registration this morning that he has a cat named Cleo and that she is nice. Of all the things he could say he talks about one of our cats? I had no idea that he really cared that much.

Just because you want it, doesn’t mean it is yours

We don’t take toys from other people.


Keep your hands to yourself.




Get down!

We don’t hit.

Please don’t yell, “Mine”

Use an inside voice.

No pushing.

Please don’t yell.

He is a baby.

Let’s share.

Be nice.

Time out.

Time out.

Don’t throw things.

We run outside only.

We don’t throw things.

Put the chair down.

We don’t climb.

Don’t look at each other.

No kicking.

Do NOT bite.

Keep your mouth closed.

We need to be nice to babies.

Get the book out of your mouth.

Balls are for rolling.

Hammers aren’t for windows.

Your cup is Yellow, this cup is not yours.

Let’s play nicely.

Crayons are for paper only.

Only cut paper.

Glue is not for hands.

Poptarts do not belong on the floor.

You are a big boy/girl.

I love you too.