Knitting, Dating and Hospitals

Big weekend. It started on Friday night, when impulsively, John and I got a great teenaged babysitter to take care of Dorothy and Liam (Dustin was at a friend’s house) so that we could go out to eat. A date, a.k.a. Dinner at the Chinese joint with our chapperone, Maggie. It was absolutely wonderful and I enjoyed spending time with my better half.

Of course, all good things must come to an end. My brother-in-law called near the end of the meal to tell us that Grandma was on the way to the hospital, that she had tripped and gone head first into the pantry. One ambulance ride, one broken eye socket, two nights at the hospital, twenty-seven staples and eighteen stitches later, John’s mom is back home and in fine form. What an eventful couple of days. On a very positive note, if I ever need to be in a hospital again, Progress West gets my vote hands down. Not that coffee should make or break my hospital choice, but they have Keurig machines for visitors to get hot, fresh coffee any time, and any place that has that with the added bonus of flat panel tvs in each private room has got to be a great place to stay if you need hospital services.

Concluding my weekend was a really wonderful moment I got to spend with my eldest daughter. I bought Dorothy some knitting needles and yarn, and sad down with her on Sunday night and taught her to knit. She is knitting a scarf using neon rainbow yarn. She is obviously convinced that she’ll be a knitting pro, because today after school she immediately picked up her knitting so she can finish her scarf soon….she promised a little boy in her class that she’d make him a sweater.


One thought on “Knitting, Dating and Hospitals

  1. OMGoodness, what a sweetheart! Better teach her that boys should be bringing her gifts, not the other way around! I kid, I kid.

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