Big changes…

Here we are, already February is almost over and spring will soon be here, though we’ve enjoyed a glimpse of spring already. The kids seem to all be on their way to their individual springs as well, big times of change.

Maggie took her first steps this weekend. How lucky that John, Dustin and I were all right there to see those first very tenative little steps. We all looked at each other in disbelief as if our eyes had had a collective deception.  The next morning Dorothy was playing in the playroom with Mags and she comes squealing into the kitchen shouting that Maggie walked! I think the point of no return has been reached, and before we know it, she’ll be running behind her brothers and sister. This summer should be a lot of fun!

Liam is at a very challenging age. Really. He is attached to everything. We were going to pitch a Christmas rug that has been fairly useless due to it’s lack of non-skid bottom and he got absolutely hysterical crying that it was his favorite rug. I find myself sneaking broken toys and unwanted items out to the garbage at night, after he goes to bed. He is also trying to find where he fits in in the big scheme of things, I’m hoping this is the path away from his extreme egocyntrisism. I think I speak for the entire family when I say the “Me” stage is getting old.

Dorothy is growing too. I mentioned previously that I was teaching her to knit. Last night she finished her first project, a scarf. She is very proud of it and has immediately cast on her next project, a matching hat on circular needles. She had hoped to make that sweater, but I think that she is re-thinking it for the time being. Dorothy is doing well in school and is never a behavior problem, she is the only child in her 1st grade to have stayed on green all year. Even though she does well and loves her teacher, she still wants to just stay at home and help me during the day. If the situation were different, I think she’d do well homeschooled. Perhaps someday.

Now Dustin, on the other hand, really enjoys school, or at least the social aspect of it. I think he could take or leave the academic portion of it, but he does just fine. Dustin is going to be in 5th grade next fall and he recently brought home his first document about next year. He got to pick an elective course. All fifth graders have to chose either intro to music, band, orchestra or choir and he chose band. He has the opportunity to play a variety of instruments, but wants to play the trumpet. He tells me he wants to join the Army when he is 18. I wonder if he will.

John is still working 30+ hours a week and plugging along at the junior college working on his associate’s degree in art. He wants to get a degree in graphic art, and it looks like he may pick up some work in the field part-time pretty soon. I think it would be a good opportunity for him. As he approaches 20, he’s also talking about The Big Move a.k.a. his first apartment. He has several friends who are moving out this summer and he wants to join their ranks.

John and I are doing well, no big change there. This June will be our 5th wedding anniversary and five years ago I thought it would be fun to do something BIG to celebrate, but I think our big thing will be camping with our kids and some friends….maybe we’ll renew our vows with all the kids there to witness. Our big thing right now is shopping for a camper/travel trailer, and I simply cannot wait to finally buy one and quit looking! I have a few requirements…enough beds to sleep all of us, a potty, a shower and a kitchen….and a/c. That’s it. Hopefully we get one in the next month or so.


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