I got a call from Dustin a little while ago to ask me if he had verbal permission to participate in Jump Rope for Life, something for American Heart Association. Sure, I have no issues. He told me I didn’t sign the permission slip or fill out the fundraising form. My bad. Dorothy will probably call this afternoon. The problem is this, 40,000 papers come home every night in both kids folders. I wish that at the end of the week, or the beginning they’d send ONE brightly colored sheet home with reminders, upcoming events, etc. Anything important should be put on that one paper. Just last night Dorothy brought home 6 classroom assignments, one homework sheet, a yearbook reminder, library news from the librarian, an update from the art teacher, a Time for Kids book that we are supposed to fill out with 7 of our family and friends names and addresses so they can maybe buy a magazine (we won’t do this, I’d prefer they just ask me for money or reallocate funds), a reminder for yearbook advertisements, and some other piece of paper I wrote on the back of. This is too much stuff.  I feel bad about not signing a permission slip that came home probably on a Friday a week ago, when even more things are shoved into the kid’s folders, but golly, enough is enough.

Apparently I’m not the only mom who failed. Dustin said there was a line to call home.


In other news, Maggie is really and truly walking. I sent out the link of her doing it to many of our friends and family. She is getting better all the time and she looks so cute doing it! It won’t be long now before the crawl is abandoned!


We are watching a movie tonight. It’s called Watcher in the Woods. I remember watching it as a child and it being so scary. I’m sure that as an adult it will be a hokey flick, but that’ okay, I bet the kids will enjoy it. Thank you to our public library for the free 7 day rentals!


3 thoughts on “Mom FAIL

  1. Watcher in the Woods!! Guess you’re planning on having 4 kids in bed with you tonight ~ lol ~

    I agree there are too many papers in your kids folders! We sent home all completed homework papers home at the end of the week to cut down on *paper overload.”

    Plus our kids had individual *homework* folders, so each homework assignment was in its own folder ~ either completed or needing to be completed.

    Notes to be returned had their own pocket and notes to stay home were in another pocket and every pocket was clearly labeled (of course, the kids had to get things in the right pocket ~ amazingly enough, though, most of them got the hang of it pretty quickly.)

    Important notes were color coded (we sent the code home at the beginning of the year)…e.g. green for walking field trips, goldenrod for bus trips, red for URGENT notes, etc. so it was easy to see what you had at a glance….we also tried to combine similar notes and staple permission slips to notes about said field trips…our parents were VERY appreciative, especially near the end of the school year when we took a lot of trips.

    In this day and age, if notes didn’t require a reply, signature, or money, I’d put them in emails to the parents. If the family didn’t have email, then I’d send them a hard copy, but it’s got to be terribly frustrating to have to sort through zillions of notes ~ I feel your pain!!

    Have a fun movie night and give all the kids hugs from me!

    Love you,

  2. Oh, I hear ya on the papers. Mackenzie has 2 folders, Mason has one. It is sometimes simply time-consuming to go through them!

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