Blah blah blah

I am exhausted and it is only Tuesday. I really don’t have any good reason for being so tired, I’m not hardly working at all these days. I’m still fairly booked with children, but they are all part time, and at any given time I seldom have more than 3 kids here during the daytime.  I think the real problem here is that we just can’t go out and play very often due to winter weather. Solution: Tomorrow will be 60 degrees, we are going outside! Loddy-doddy-everybody is going out to play! I think even 15 minutes will benefit us all.

Liam especially needs to get out. I swear somedays he must feel like a caged animal. He NEEDS to run. Like seriously, he is bouncing off the walls when we go too long between outside play times.

On a positive note, it is TakeOut Tuesday! No dirty kitchen for me!


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