I swear, if you laugh I hope it happens to you!

So, we are up at the butt crack of dawn…again. It’s Saturday, this ought to be illegal, but Maggie and Liam were both ready to get up at 6:15.
We come downstairs, I make a cup of coffee, help Liam into his overalls, take Maggie out of her nasty wet diaper and jammies and then I realize that I really need to pee. I get up, leave the kids in the playroom where Liam is holding Maggie hostage with his new over and under, real smoke producing, noisy shotgun. I come back in and Maggie is smiling. Liam says, “Maggie just pooped”. Ah, of course she did. Right on the damn blue carpet, all down into it’s thick fibers, and likely down into the pad. Now, not to be too graphic, but we had oranges yesterday and she’s still breastfed too….just kill me now.
I’m renting the rug doctor today. Between today’s incident, the steady flow of cracker crumbs, cat hair, kid dust and poptart goo, i think it needs to be cleaned.

2 thoughts on “I swear, if you laugh I hope it happens to you!

  1. Oh my goodness. I did chuckle just a bit. This is one reason we went with no carpets this time around. But that too has a downside.

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