Should have been a busy day

…but it really isn’t! I should have all 4 of my daycare children here today, along with the additional little girl who just comes for a nap, and my own two little darlings. One of the daycare kids is having his first day, which I will add is going surprisingly well. One child had a sick mom so he is home, another child is mildly ill and mom is keeping him home, and the sleeping baby has an unexpected family member home. Yay!

Liam played Playdoh for the better part of the morning. He just loves growing “hair” on the little playdoh heads. He also played his “flute” aka a recorder. I was shocked to hear his music because he actually knows how to not squeak it and he changes notes. He was playing Jingle Bells, and I could tell from the rhythm and note changes, not just from him telling me…unlike the Playdoh dog he made. I would have guessed that to have been a blob or a rock.

Dorothy is reading very well these days. She used to be able to sit next to me while I typed things out, those days are gone. Just this morning she was reading us the message on the cereal box. I remember how exciting it was when I realized that all those words had meaning. I’m hoping that this will lead to her loving to read…I’m just dying for her to read Betsy’s Little Star by Carolyn Haywood.


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