Another Food Oriented event

Sighs….Muffins with Mom was a disaster. Now it’s time for Doughnuts with Dad. I have tried to call  the coordinator multiple times but she’s yet to respond. I can only assume that the doughnuts will be unsafe for Dorothy and that her teacher will need to insist on handwashing upon entry to the classroom tomorrow morning. John is going to take Dustin and Dorothy out to breakfast instead of playing the crap-shoot at the school. I wish that every blessed event at the school didn’t revolve around food. I just don’t understand why when childhood obesity is all over the magazines and news a school would have every single function based not just on food, but on fattening food.


Last night we went out to dinner as a family. I put Dorothy in charge of carrying her own Epi-Pen Jr.’s. I think that I will be doing this more and more often as she is getting older. She seems to be ready for the next step in helping to manage her own tree nut allergies. This weekend I will also be training Dustin to recognize an anaphylactic reaction and how to use the Epi-Pens. I’m pretty sure there is something called a PAL program and I want Dustin to be Dorothy’s PAL.


3 thoughts on “Another Food Oriented event

  1. I would be lodging a complaint with the school board, or several. That is totally not acceptable. It is not just that they are leaving her out, but they are creating a danger for her. They are endangering her life with these poorly thought out events.

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