Add another dollar to the therapy fund

Dustin’s birthday is tomorrow. He is turning 10. He spent the weekend at his dad’s, where I assumed they would celebrate. For whatever reason, the celebration was small and Dustin was told that his gift was something that had been given as a family gift a couple weeks ago, it was his to share. Hmmm…yeah, it upsets me that he was largely ignored as an individual here. They did get him a cake.

So…the kids were returned to me last night during dinner, and the way I cook it was no problem to add two to our dinner table, even though it was unexpected that they would return during the meal. I had baked cupcakes during the day for snacks. Our plan had been to celebrate Dustin’s birthday on our Wednesday Family Night, but plans are flexible, so the cupcakes became birthday cupcakes. He really wanted an XBOX 360 or a Wii, neither were in our budget for birthdays this year, and I told him in advance that we just don’t spend that kind of money on individual birthday gifts. So, I told him last week to set his sites a little lower. Wanting to have a little fun before we gave him his big gift I reminded him about the money talk, then I went and got a 2pack of pens and put it behind my back. He was like, “what is it?” and I hand him the pens. Oh lord. His eyes welled up with tears and I instantly realized that it was a bad joke….I said of course we got him something else and I hugged him tight.

He was thrilled with the PS2 😀

Happy Birthday to Dustin!


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