Are you going to watch Super Why, or not?

That is the big question with Liam right now. Every morning he YELLS from the family room. MOM! Are you going to watch Super Why, or not?! Everyday my answer is that I will watch it during naptime.

He is going through a rough time right now. He struggles between wanting to be big, which he demonstrates by standing fully erect and puffing out his chest, and wanting to be a lap baby. One moment he tells me that he is a “big strong man” and the next he is climbing onto my lap asking me to hold him. As annoying as it can be that he wants to regress, I’ll take it for what it is, just one more phase, and likely one of the last where he’ll still act like the sweet little baby he used to be.


Oh the tragedy!

Dorothy wore a pair of no-show ankle socks today. When she got home today, she was quite distressed.

“Mom! Everybody thought I didn’t have on socks today!”

“Really? Why do other kids care about your sock status?”

“I don’t know, but I was sooooo embarassed.”

“Dorothy, you have socks on. Why didn’t you just show them?”

“I don’t know, but I’m never, EVER wearing these again.”

Now, I’m sure I had my fair share of dramaz when I was 7, but oh my goodness. I would have never suspected that the lack of visible socks would be so tragic in a first grader’s life.

The saga of the blue carpet continues

One week ago John rented the Rug Doctor and he cleaned my blue carpet. Three hours he spent going over the rug, not so silently cussing about the poptart goo, mud and other random spots, though he did admit that he does the church playroom more often than our home one, and it is far filthier. I take that as a compliment.

Anyway, it’s been about a week since the cleaning. On the first day the carpet was just gorgeous. It reminded me why I wanted this beautiful, vibrant blue once more. I agreed to not let the kids have cheese, poptarts or other “gooey” food in the playroom anymore, and to limit drinks to sugar free koolaid, water & my coffee.

It was cleaned on a Sunday. On Monday, I let the kids have some animal crackers. Who knew that one of the kids would chew it up and spit it out.

On Tuesday I ask one of my daycare parents who works construction to please not walk on my freshly shampooed carpet. I think it may be his feet that heavily contributed to the sewer-looking water removed from the front of the room. He understands and says he’s surprised I have ever let people put shoes on the floor at all.

On Wednesday one child rubs snot on the floor. Great, this isn’t going well.

Thursday is a particullarly crumby day, but most of them vacuumed up nicely.

Friday. Oh, Friday. Maggie woke up & I put just a diaper on her and let her run around. Suddenly, Liam is telling me there is poop on the floor “EVERYWHERE”. Now, I have NEVER had a diaper leak with Mags. Never. Not even a prefold, let alone a fitted which is what she had on. But, sure enough, poo had escaped. I guess I should have anticipated this and put a cover over it since she’d not had a BM in a couple of days.

So, for a quick recap. My lovely floor was cleaned 8 days ago. I have been reminded several times why this damn thing must be removed from my home.

Where do I pick up my award?

What was I thinking when I boiled 18 eggs? Seriously, I think I have finally lost my ever-lovin’ mind. I’m not worried that they won’t get eaten or used, but I may never be the same again after guiding my children through the egg dying process.

Dustin: The careful egg dyer. Ensure that each color is properly represented and that a few eggs are double dyed with one color on each side.

Dorothy: The experimental egg dyer. Overdying colors and long soaks in single colors is the key to really cool eggs.

Liam: The more colors available, the better, and all eggs should go in all cups of dye, even if that means removing a sibling’s egg and putting it into the *wrong* color, or worse, breaking it.

Maggie: Sits and watches and wonders why she can’t fling pretty colors and eat the eggs.

Our egg dye process took about 35 minutes from start to finish. All of our eggs are a muddy shade of blue, thanks to Liam and his assertive personality, though some do have SpongeBob and Hannah Montana wraps on them. Only 4 eggs met with a tragic end before their time.

To the Spring Sing we go!

Tonight is Dorothy’s spring sing. I am not really excited about going. It starts at 7:00pm. Dorothy, Liam & Maggie all go to bed at 7:30, so this should be fun…especially since, as of this entry at 3:20, Maggie has only napped for 20 minutes due to one really loud big brother. Did I mention that I will be attending this wonderful event alone? Like without my better half, who has been sick for the last few days and will be working tonight.  Oh, and Liam freaks out in crowds. Seriously freaks out. Our last two attempts at school functions with Liam have not gone well at all. He has had major meltdowns both times. I’m sure Dustin will behave wonderfully, it’s just the two littles I am concerned about. I really do wonder what childless person scheduled this.

Lies, sneakiness and knitting

I don’t understand why good kids don’t rub their behavior off on not so good kids, it seems to always be the opposite. Dorothy started hanging out with a new friend recently. She was conviniently located less than a block away and is in the same 1st grade class. You may recall my recent entry about Dorothy lying and stealing, I thought that was the end of it. Apparently, the punishment wasn’t severe enough.

Sunday morning she lied again. The only change we have had recently is the new friend, so Dorothy is being strongly encouraged to not play with this little girl anymore. Dustin had told us that she lied and stole and wasn’t a good influence on his sister. He was right. I’m hoping that a trip to the police station, the county jail and the juvenile detention center make a lasting impression. In addition to the jail visits, Dorothy is unplugged and is not allowed to do anything except sleep and go to school without me by her side. She is not to play with toys, listen to the radio, write on her whiteboard, nothing. She can read, help me cook, help with laundry, think, write and knit. I think she is finally taking this to heart, and she and I are getting a lot of time together, so we’ve been knitting and talking. Check out this set she made!

Whew Buddy! It’s MAP testing time again!

I can hardly believe it is already that time of the school year where the entire focus is on standardized testing, the culminating point of the entire year! This is it…what teachers have been alternating looking forward to, and dreading at the same time. THIS.IS.IT. Yup, the performance of the students can single handedly detirmine a teacher’s worth. Good student performance = good teacher. Bad student test scores = bad teacher. This explains a lot to me as a parent. This is why my children have NO HOMEWORK for the next two weeks. This is why I have signed permission slips for movies…rewards for spending mornings testing. This is what the big PUSH has been for recently, the cramming of knowledge into my children.

Thankfully my two school aged children test well. In fact, Dustin just got two awards on Friday for his spectacular performance on the testing last year, both of which are prominately displayed on our refrigerator. Two cheers for Dustin!

My blogging may be limited during the next two weeks. I was asked, as a parent of child/ren who may be taking MAP tests, to please ensure my children eat a nutritious and filling breakfast each morning. Normally I just toss the kids a poptart, oats, or cereal, but Dustin asked if I would please COOK him a breakfast tomorrow. I’ll get right on that.