I’m booking the park pavillion for the next party

We have been celebrating Dustin’s 10th birthday for a full week now. I think we are officially finished. Last night was the *friend party*.

My husband said it was probably not one of my better ideas to let Dustin have 5 friends over for the night. I told him that it would be fine…next time I may defer to him based on life experience advantage. Five 9 and 10 year old boys invaded my home last night, they were all here by 4:00pm. They played down by the creek, shot some hoops, played kickball and oh, realized we have motorized toys all by 5:00! One young man played on the electric scooter, then the next says it is his turn. I have this feeling that it is a bad idea.

My sister and I were sitting on the porch watching the boys play. We were reminicing about our slumber parties 20 years ago, oh yeah, it’s been THAT long. We were laughing about the high drama that accompanies little girls. I tell her I don’t think boys are really like that. Well, they aren’t exactly like that, there was no girl-fighting or anything.

Boy #2 gets on the scooter. I can tell that this will probably not end well because he refused instruction and looks like he has no clue. It wobbles, he accellerates, he looks like he is going to bale! Oh my gosh he jumps and the scooter and he fall to the ground when I hear 4th grade boy cursing (all the intent of naughty words without using the real deal). He is cussing this scooter!

“Dang STUPID SCOOTER! You STUPID scooter and your DUMB spikes! You suck you IDIOT scooter!”

All the while he is beating our scooter with his hands. I think I saw the scooter wince in pain. My sister and I run over to make sure he is okay, and to protect the poor electric scooter from injury. Boy #2 has some bruising on his ankle, and I’m sure it hurt, though I assure you, reader, that our scooter has no vicious spikes protruding from it. The boy continues to curse the scooter and to cry about his ankle, which he is quite certain has been broken by our mean scooter and it’s stupid spikes. We are able to coax him to his feet and to the porch so we can put frozen green beans on his ankle, while reassuring him that he will not lose his leg.

Ah, soon it is pizza time. One boy requests sausage pizza. He ended up taking 6 pieces. He ate the sausage off of all the pieces, but didn’t actually eat any pizza. I was not surprised whe he said he was hungry less than an hour later.

Most of the evening continues without a hitch, but Drama Scooter Boy was filled with a lot of drama about pretty much everything, and he was fairly destructive as well. Dustin apologized to me for inviting him…I told him it was not a big deal. We had one little boy go home at 10:00 pm because he didn’t feel comfortable staying all night. Hopefully none of the kids are scarred for life, we let them watch Gremlins.

John and I finally went to bed just before 1:00am. I was up, though, at 6:30am to get one of the boys up for a soccer game. Drama Scooter Boy stirred and thought it was a good idea to wake everyone up. Oh boy!

I’m tired. I am not going to let any of my other kids have sleepovers of more than 2 pre-screened friends. All future parties will be held at the park, I’m calling today to book one for Maggie’s 1st birthday in May. I don’t know that I can handle her one-year-old dramarific friends running like wild animals through my house.


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