To the Spring Sing we go!

Tonight is Dorothy’s spring sing. I am not really excited about going. It starts at 7:00pm. Dorothy, Liam & Maggie all go to bed at 7:30, so this should be fun…especially since, as of this entry at 3:20, Maggie has only napped for 20 minutes due to one really loud big brother. Did I mention that I will be attending this wonderful event alone? Like without my better half, who has been sick for the last few days and will be working tonight.  Oh, and Liam freaks out in crowds. Seriously freaks out. Our last two attempts at school functions with Liam have not gone well at all. He has had major meltdowns both times. I’m sure Dustin will behave wonderfully, it’s just the two littles I am concerned about. I really do wonder what childless person scheduled this.


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