The saga of the blue carpet continues

One week ago John rented the Rug Doctor and he cleaned my blue carpet. Three hours he spent going over the rug, not so silently cussing about the poptart goo, mud and other random spots, though he did admit that he does the church playroom more often than our home one, and it is far filthier. I take that as a compliment.

Anyway, it’s been about a week since the cleaning. On the first day the carpet was just gorgeous. It reminded me why I wanted this beautiful, vibrant blue once more. I agreed to not let the kids have cheese, poptarts or other “gooey” food in the playroom anymore, and to limit drinks to sugar free koolaid, water & my coffee.

It was cleaned on a Sunday. On Monday, I let the kids have some animal crackers. Who knew that one of the kids would chew it up and spit it out.

On Tuesday I ask one of my daycare parents who works construction to please not walk on my freshly shampooed carpet. I think it may be his feet that heavily contributed to the sewer-looking water removed from the front of the room. He understands and says he’s surprised I have ever let people put shoes on the floor at all.

On Wednesday one child rubs snot on the floor. Great, this isn’t going well.

Thursday is a particullarly crumby day, but most of them vacuumed up nicely.

Friday. Oh, Friday. Maggie woke up & I put just a diaper on her and let her run around. Suddenly, Liam is telling me there is poop on the floor “EVERYWHERE”. Now, I have NEVER had a diaper leak with Mags. Never. Not even a prefold, let alone a fitted which is what she had on. But, sure enough, poo had escaped. I guess I should have anticipated this and put a cover over it since she’d not had a BM in a couple of days.

So, for a quick recap. My lovely floor was cleaned 8 days ago. I have been reminded several times why this damn thing must be removed from my home.


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