…and the number one reason is

A few weeks ago, when it became evident that Dustin and Dorothy really are headed to Hawaii for the summer, I sat down with Dorothy and asked her if she was excited. Bare with me as you read this dialogue.

Me: You don’t seem happy, what’s wrong?

Dorothy: I’m really worried that Dad and D (stepmom) won’t be careful about what they have in the house to eat, like nuts.

Me: I’ll talk to them about it and give them a new list of safe foods. What else?

Dorothy: I don’t want to be gone from home for so long. I’m going to miss you.

Me: I’ll miss you too. It will be like camp. Everyone wants to go to camp. You will be home before you know it. Is that it?

The tears start to cascade from her little blue eyes.

Me: Sweetheart, what’s wrong?

Dorothy: I don’t want to wear a coconut bra. Dustin said all the girls have to.


I told her that Dustin was just joking, and that of course she doesn’t have to wear one of those. I think she believes me. I tried to figure out why Dustin would even tell her that, he’s normally fairly sensitive to Dorothy and will tell her when he’s joking. After much thought, and talking to Dustin, I’m confident that he really thought girls in Hawaii really do have to wear them. He’s never been there, and every picture he’s seen, heck even on Lilo and Stitch, the girls wear grass skirts and coconut bras!



Dustin handed me his homework from last week. I’m supposed to sign it and send the form back. I look through the packet and see he’s been learning about timelines and on his there is a comment that says “Not Appropriate.” I take a closer look. Dustin had put his birthday on the timeline and the words “Went pee for the first time.”


Maggie’s first birthday is coming. To quote Liam, “I don’t love it.” It seems like she shouldn’t be one already. I cut her some bangs the other day so she could see, they gave her the Kid look. Gah.


Liam is full of piss and vinegar these days. Some days he’s sweet as an angel and then the next he’s out of control. I won’t miss this stage.


On Mother’s Day we went to a restaurant that you have to ride a ferry to get to. It was really wonderful. Here is me with the kids

Mother's Day 2009


I do like sidewalk chalk

My mother-in-law unexpectedly dropped by this afternoon as I was getting ready to sit and relax. I took this spontaneous visit as a sign that I needed to do the laundry, go out back to play in the hot sun, weed my garden, and when she still hadn’t left, to spend an additional 30 minutes in the hot sun drawing the names of my children with sidewalk chalk in huge bubble letters on the front sidewalk while Liam played with his chalk rake. She finally left when my school aged children got home and I suggested bicycle riding as their afternoon activity…supervised by me of course.

We have recently had family dramaz, and I’m just tired of dealing with it. Future

I admit defeat.

I never get to listen to the radio in my car when the kids are with me. Never. My Bose stereo is dominated by the DVD player, usually Dora or Labryinth (Muppets on heroin). I have XM radio in my baby hauler, a wonderful gift from my husband for Christmas. There is nothing I love more than cranking the stereo and blasting whatever my favorite song is at the moment. That said, I think I’ve gotten to do this maybe 4 or 5 times in the last year.

McDonalds is putting Kidz Bop in their Happy Meals. Oh Yay!

On Saturday I took my kids out for a ride. Dorothy and Liam beg me to please put on their CD’s. “LOUDER MAMA!” So, here I am, cruising through town in my giant baby hauler, windows down, sunroof open, 2 car seats, one booster, one 10 year old who is silently praying nobody sees him singing along as Pon De Replay thumps loudly from my speakers. My life is over because, gawd help me, I was singing along too. I finally understand the mom in the commercials, she, like me has just quit resisting.