I admit defeat.

I never get to listen to the radio in my car when the kids are with me. Never. My Bose stereo is dominated by the DVD player, usually Dora or Labryinth (Muppets on heroin). I have XM radio in my baby hauler, a wonderful gift from my husband for Christmas. There is nothing I love more than cranking the stereo and blasting whatever my favorite song is at the moment. That said, I think I’ve gotten to do this maybe 4 or 5 times in the last year.

McDonalds is putting Kidz Bop in their Happy Meals. Oh Yay!

On Saturday I took my kids out for a ride. Dorothy and Liam beg me to please put on their CD’s. “LOUDER MAMA!” So, here I am, cruising through town in my giant baby hauler, windows down, sunroof open, 2 car seats, one booster, one 10 year old who is silently praying nobody sees him singing along as Pon De Replay thumps loudly from my speakers. My life is over because, gawd help me, I was singing along too. I finally understand the mom in the commercials, she, like me has just quit resisting.


2 thoughts on “I admit defeat.

  1. It’s about time you were back on here…although I can luckily say I know nothing about this yet, except what the neighbor has shared! 🙂

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