Blech….a rainy day, talk of gardening

Spring weather has kept me away from my blog, and I apologize! I’ll try to be more on the ball about posting.

My garden is well underway and I don’t think I’ll have tomatoes by 4th of July, but probably a week or two later. The 4th of July was my Grandpa McC’s gold standard when it came to tomato growing, and he always grew a bunch. One of my favorite childhood memories is going to Gma & Gpa’s during the summertime. I’d help Grandma make lunch and we’d always have big, fat grilled cheese sandwiches. We’d butter both the inside and outside of the bread and then load them up with Velveeta Cheese. Grandma would let me flip them when I got older. When it was time to eat we’d have the sandwiches, fresh cut tomatoes and cucumbers. I think this may be why I like tomatoes so much, and thinking about it makes me miss my grandparents.

Each of the kids has their own garden and they are growing everything from lettuce to basil. I think they will get more excited about them as they start to yield produce.


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