Swimming Suit Shopping

In a word – torture.

I think I’d rather pull my toenails out one at a time, or my eyebrows. Anything else would be a walk in the park.

First of all, the lighting in the dressing rooms SUCKS. It automatically makes you look fatter, puffier and paler than pale. Secondly, trying things on over panties is neccessary, but really, you won’t be wearing them when you suit up, and unless you are wearing a swimdress, you’ll see them when you stand in front of the 3 way mirror, thus distorting your swimsuit view. Another major drawback is tag placement and theft devices, these add to the bulk and make it hard to determine the fit.

So, those are the store problems. Additional problems include, but are not limited to: making suits that don’t fit small torsos, fat thighs, bellies from 4 babies, nursing boobs, and women lacking body confidence. It’s hard to go from wearing t-shirts and jeans all day to wearing something that your boobs are busting out of, especially when you really would like just a nice, modest swimsuit – not Duggar style, but just a nice suit that fits and doesn’t show off your giant gazungas. I don’t think it is too much to ask.


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