Huggies Organics, FTW!

In 4 years I’ve not bought disposable diapers, it has been nothing but cloth on the butts of my younger children. We bought some Huggies Organics for Maggie for camping 2 weeks ago because she was having some tummy problems leftover from an antibiotic and I didn’t thinkg 2 days of poopy diapers baking in the sun was a good idea. First, the Organics are really soft on the inside and they don’t feel like normal sposies – I uses sposies every weekday on other people’s kids, so I see/touch several varieties. They are really soft. They also don’t smell funny, even when they are fully saturated.

While camping I realized that Maggie did not wake up 45 minutes after being laid down for bed. She didn’t wake a second time 2 hours after being laid down. In fact, she slept for a longer stretch than she ever had before. Hmmm…

Friday night I tried here at home….She slept from 7:30 to 3:00am. Single longest stretch so far. Fluke? I try again on Saturday night because we want to hang out with our neighbors….7:30pm – 3:30am. Seriously, why had I not considered this before?

Commitment to the environment be damned….hell I drive a Suburban…I bought more of the Huggies Organincs Diapers and we’ll be using them every.single.night from here on out & the hope is to get her sleeping all night long so maybe one of these nights John and I can go on an overnight to a B&B…


One thought on “Huggies Organics, FTW!

  1. I love them too! I received a few samples of them and they are super nice. I haven’t bought any since the samples, although I do have some great coupons for them.

    I am on a cloth break. I just need to get my sanity back a bit before I go back to cloth. SOOOOO much laundry. lol

    I am glad she is sleeping better for you. I so wish I could get Joley to do it.

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