Summer is stealing my online time!

Between the garden, the pool, the sprinkler, bikes, training for the Lewis & Clark half-marathon, camping and cooking outdoors, my online time has taken a nose dive…and I like it! I love spending all this time with my kids, husband and friends!

Liam recently turned 4 and cannot wait for preschool to start in September. I think it is going to be really good for him because he just doesn’t get the social interaction with children his own age here at home. Thankfully, Grandma and Pawpaw have agreed to take him and pick him up.

Maggie is running. She is climbing. She can get out of bed. She has started using some words. She never ever stops.

Dustin went to work on a turkey farm for a full week. He loved it and he loved spending time with his friend.  He is at a day camp again this week, and has football camp in the evenings! Busy busy busy!

Dorothy is busy with friends, spending time with gma and gpa, will be attending a 2nd week of daycamp later this month, and she can’t wait for cheerleading to start in August. She learned how to go off the diving board this summer!

John is still working full time at Walgreens and out of school for the summer. He is dating someone again…and we like this one LOL!


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