Another wonderful camping weekend

This weekend we camped at a hidden little place called Silver Mines. It is tucked away neatly into the Mark Twain National Forest. John tells me that he spent many summer weekends there as a child, one of the bright spots in his dark childhood. I’m so glad that we can share this treasure with our children. The campground was very nice with HUGE spots for each camper and lots of open space for the children to run, kick balls and play. A pathway from the camping area lead to the St. Francois river and, oh wow, how nice is that! The kids splashed and swam in the cool, clear water, and tried to catch little minnows. Amazingly, on Saturday, only one other family came to the river to play, and this morning, our kids were the only ones.

On Saturday we bought fresh eggs from a local farmer, and we went to Johnson Shut-Ins, one of our Missouri State Parks. A couple of years ago the Taumsauk Resevoir broke and came bursting down the mountain, bringing huge boulders along with the water. Amazingly, this water, billions of gallons, crashed into a home and swept 3 sleeping children (one baby included) away from their beds….the amazing part was that all the children lived with minor injury.

Here are pics from the river play, Johnson Shut-In’s and campsite


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