Pimento Cheese on crackers

Babies just shouldn’t like stuff like pimento cheese on crackers, but it may be Maggie’s most favorite new food, only second to salad with balsamic vinegar and olive oil. While she likes fruit, she is definately not a fan of baked sweets like pie, cobblers, or cookies. Today I was snacking on the cheese and crackers and she tore into them, opting to lick the pimento cheese spread off of the cracker and come back to me, holding out her cracker, saying, “more.”

Yes, you read correctly, she says words now. Several, in fact:

more, mama, dada, dus-in (dustin), dor (dorothy), john, lili (liam), ball, bag, hat, na-na-na (no, no, no) and dog

The bigger kids really enjoy trying to get her to repeat words…and i’m sure out of my earshot they try to get her to say all sorts of things. It’ll be just a matter of time before she’s really talking, especially with all of the coaching she is getting!


One thought on “Pimento Cheese on crackers

  1. What a cute little story. And it’s nice to know my child isn’t the only one. CJ loves spicy things, salsa, jalapeno dip, and wants to put pepper on everything. She also doesn’t like chocolate (seriously, is this really my child) or other sweets, which I’m sure is bound to change 🙂

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