Herding Kittens and Middle School

I’ll start with Middle School.

Dustin is officially a middle schooler. My mom (the saint) watched the kids and the daycare yesterday so that I could take Dustin out to lunch and get him registered for middle school. We had a great lunch together, talked about football, baseball and some other small stuff, then went to the school to turn in forms and pick up his SCHEDULE! Oh.My.Gosh. I cannot believe he now will change classes, have a locker, band, etc. Oh, I thought I was ready. I remember clearly how I used to encourage him to do things that would help him grow up, pushing for that first step, to take a shower alone, letting him pick out his own clothes, and so on. Each step gets him closer and closer to the ultimate goal of someday growing up and becoming a man, but I didn’t think I would be staring at the start of the end product so soon. He’s wearing deoderant now….I find myself more and more wanting to stop time and hold tight for a moment longer because clearly, the rollercoaster is going.


let me dry my eyes before i continue


ah, yes, kitten herding. I never want to tell people I *babysit*, babysitting is what the 16 year old up the street does. I provide a valuable service called “CHILDCARE”, but most people don’t really understand what that entails beyond watching kids and cooking their meals. I was describing my day to a friend and I said, “It’s like herding kittens. They are all so cute and cuddly, but I spend my days making sure that they aren’t climbing the curtains, removing them from couches and tabletops, rescuing them from behind furniture, and when they get too sleepy I put them back in the box (aka playpen) for a nap. Trying to get them all going in one direction is nearly impossible, even if they all have the same goal, be it eating or sleeping. It is incredibly rewarding, but at the end of the day I feel quite exhausted.”


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