Things that are working for us

One of my bff’s – Jenny over at More Laundry, link in the side bar – does this type of entry from time to time. I like it, so i’m stealing her good idea.

1. Crockpot meals. With a bit of forethought, I can have all the ingredients on hand at any given time, toss them into the pot, and 6-8 hours later, I look like a great wife/mom with a fantastic, delicious, and hot meal on the table. I have purchased several pots, so if one is in the wash, fridge, etc. it won’t hold up dinner.

2. Angel Food Ministries. For $30/pkg I can get $60-70 of food that my family will eat, plus for an extra $22 I can get the produce box as well. High quality food for low prices makes me happy, helps the wallet, and keeps the kids well fed.

3. New work hours for John. John switched to some much earlier work hours. Yay for flex-time! Already we are seeing the benefits of his being home earlier.

4. Pre-sugared Koolaid in a can. Laugh if you must, but this cuts down on mess, is easy to make in a hurry, and the convience factor wins on this. At the grocery it is expensive, but Sam’s Club makes the super large can much more affordable.

5. Disposable diapers at night and for outtings. I cannot begin to tell you how much this has changed the laundry. Seriously. I still love the cloth, but when I’m out and about with 4 kids, and I’m much more active now than I was when Liam was small, these are so nice to have on hand.

6. Requiring outside play during naps. Naptime has gone from 1.5 hours to some days as long as 3, with no added issues of late bed time. If anything, a well rested baby seems easier to put to bed at night.

7. Sports bras. So comfy. Easy to nurse with, easy to put on, just easy.

Well, from my list you’d think I’m trying to find things to make my life easier, more convinient, and less work…I think that may be true. With Maggie up, running and climbing, Liam into EVERYTHING, and Dorothy and Dustin with their own agendas and sports schedules, you can bet that my life is busy, so things that can help make it easier are definately pluses.


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