Some alone time with the Dot

I took Dorothy out for an evening with Mommy while our boys went to the racetrack to see the drags, and maggie stayed with grandma. We had a great dinner together and she got to talk without competition from her very talkative brothers. She told me that she wants to go to a bunch of countries and buy necklaces, maybe even outer space. She has a loose tooth. She really, really wants to sit AT the same table as her friends this year. The answer this year is still no. It made her eyes water up, but I told her that I want her to be safe. I’ve mentioned this before, but she doesn’t remember her anaphylaxis, I do. She remembers getting hives as a 6 year old, but not the ER trip where they administered epinephirine before even admitting her or filling out paper when she was 22 months. We talked a lot about how it is no fun being different or special, how she just wants to be like everyone else and not have food allergies. The waitress gave her a balloon. She wanted to bring it home, but opted to release it because Liam is allergic to latex and she wouldn’t want Dustin to have a can of nuts in his room. She’s starting to get it….time…time will add maturity, which will help.

We ended our night by watching High School Musical. She asked if I’d watch #2 & #3 with her soon. I think we have a movie night planne.


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