Giving up my Diet Coke and other artificially sweetened stuff

I don’t really want to. I’ll start with that. In fact, anyone who knows me knows how much I love my Diet Coke. Not too many stories or experiments truly cause me to change my behavior. Heck, I smoked for some 10 years kn0wing full well that it was related to cancer, emphysema, etc. I didn’t excercise regularly until recently, even though I knew it was recommended, and I carry excess weight which leads to all sorts of health related issues. I’m smart, I see the data, but I didn’t alter my ways based upon data. I quit smoking because my husband, then fiance, has really bad asthma, and really prefered for me not to smoke. I started excersing because I needed some “alone” time and wanted to shop from somewhere other than Lane Bryant, and coincidentally (haha) the weight drops when you move more and eat less, go figure…a double whammy!

I’ve considered that all the diet stuff might not be good for me. I’ve thought about not using it, but I didn’t want the extra calories added from the real-deal versions. Of course, I kept on using the aspartame stuff, never really understanding why the silly bold declaration was even on the packaging. Hmmm….maybe it is because this stuff really isn’t good for people to consume? But wait, the government lets it be in over 6000 products, so it can’t be that bad for consumption? Can it?

I saw this website this weekend

I think it really might be that bad…so I’m pulling it from my diet and that of my husband and children.

What about the extra calories? Well, I guess I’m just going to have to make smarter choices and drink more water or unsweetened tea, and if I really want a soda, then I’ll have one, but not 3 or 4, and I’ll have to cut the calories from something more substantial, so I’m thinking soda might be off the table alltogether. I can do this.




***many in the scientific community have tried to discredit the experiment that I link to citing a variety of problems with the project design, but IMO, this is kind of like when a crime is commited and the police obtain direct evidence showing the guilt of the accused, but it is thrown out due to a technicality.


2 thoughts on “Giving up my Diet Coke and other artificially sweetened stuff

  1. Thank you for the link. This is so interesting. Btw, years ago, my grandfather owned the sampling company that introduced Nutrasweet to the market. It was put into gumballs. I would eat a bunch of these every time I visited them, and every single time, (even though I was just a kid,) I would get a headache. Definitely NOT a coincidence!

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