WTH is this?

I am seriously considering using the heat tonight, or at the bare minimum having a fire in the fireplace. It is doggone COLD outside! I was going to take the daycare kids out to play yesterday and apparently one parent didn’t get the memo…her son was in shorts and a t-shirt. Really? Maggie has been sleeping in blanket sleepers or long 2 piece jammies. I think, though, I realized it was truly chilly when the other night I needed to pee, but couldn’t bring myself to actually uncover. My face was so cold I thought I was going to just die, so I kicked John to go turn off the attic fan – what were we thinking leaving it on??! John, being the furnace that he is, was like, “You are cold?” HELL YES I”M COLD….but in a super quite voice, because my voicebox was frozen shut I rasped, “yes.” And, can you believe this? He fell back asleep, so I kicked him again and he went and sweetly turned it off, came back to bed and didn’t even cover up, so I felt no guilt when I doubled the comforter up over Maggie and me.


Single Serve vs. Pot

I love my single serve Keurig coffee pod system. I love having an absolutely perfect cup of coffee every single time I put a new pod in. My husband John bought the Keurig for me because I love coffee and he wanted me to have a nice coffee maker. I’ve been using it for a year, but at about $0.45-$0.55 per cup, it’s gotten rather expensive to use when you consider that on an average day I drink 3 cups, on a bad day sometimes 5, and John usually drinks 1 or 2 as well.

I’m out of pods, again, which seems to be a monthly problem, usually remedied by a quick trip to Sam’s Club. Each month I talk about maybe this being too expensive, maybe I should go back to the pot system. I do own a decent coffee maker that keeps warm in a non-heated carafe, and really there was nothing wrong with it. We put it in the camper so we could camp with nice coffee. Well, this weekend we didn’t make it to Sam’s. We had to get coffee at Quick Trip yesterday, and Saturday, because I think I’d likely die without my daily intake of caffiene.

Last night we popped up the camper and got my coffee maker out. The brackets holding it off the counter were still in place (yes I’m so much of a hoosier I left them in place for a year…just in case). We remounted the pot and this morning I’m drinking my 2nd guilt free cup.

Pot wins this time.

He did it!!!

26:01 – 75 yd swim, 2 mile bike, 1 mile run

Swim was the weakest point since he’s never swam competitively or laps to my knowledge. He finished right in the middle of the pack coming in 28 out of 46 in the 9-10 year old category. I couldn’t be prouder of the effort & the commitment to giving 100%! WTG Dustin!!!!

A week later

…and i finally have some pictures up. No 2nd place win in the Children’s Apple Festival parade mention would suffice without appropriate pictures. First of all, Dorothy was by far the prettiest entrant in the whole parade, though some might say I’m biased. She had a wonderful time and is so excited to have a ribbon showing her win. I need to frame it for her!

Dustin is doing a triathlon

Not only is Dustin playing football this fall, but he joined cross-country at school. He really likes running and is fairly athletic, so I entered him in a triathalon on Sunday morning. He is super excited and I imagine will do well, though he’s not been able to train for the swim portion due to all the outdoor pools being closed, and no time to go to an indoor one. This week he ran a mile in 7:49!

While I do enjoy football, and team success is wonderful, there is something very satisfying about personal achievement, personal bests, and pushing yourself. I always enjoyed running when I was younger. Even though I was never any better than average, the adrenaline rush at the end of a race/competitions was never equaled when my softball/basketball team won and I sat on a bench. I’ve been able to find my happy place again with walking, and I like to think my example is what has helped push Dustin to seek his own individual sport.

We have to leave the house at 6:15 in the morning to get to the event on time. His bike needs to be in the staging area between 7:00 – 7:30, we may have a little wiggle room on the departure time. I think it is going to be a great experience for Dustin, and his little brother, two sisters, mom and stepdad will be there cheering him on every step of the way. Should he place, we’ll be proud, should he not place, we will be just as proud and just as encouraging! Go Dustin!!!

Hot Dog Flavored Chips?

I was at Aldi’s and I saw a 12 pack of Jumpy’s

It looks JUST LIKE the picture above, except where it says “salted” it says “cheese”. Great! A new little snack for the lunch boxes of the kids! I’m thinking, 3D chips, what a great idea. I know Doritoes did them for a bit, but maybe this kind will last. Jumpy’s are made by Real McCoy SnackFood Company.

I open the package to fill lunch boxes and there are 12 bags, but the assortment is 3 cheese, 3 BBQ Supreme, 3 Chicken and 3 HOT DOG. Um, really? Hot dog flavor on a chip? I couldn’t bring myself to taste one, but I handed one to my stepson John for a review. I watched him turn colors, nearly barf, and then rush for a drink. The review was not positive at all. Thankfully, one of my daycare kids apparently has less refined tastes because he ate the rest of the package and asked for more. I will pass on this purchase in the future, the other flavors don’t make up for it.