Football, Cheerleading, half-marathon, preschool, triathalon

and somehow we are all still wearing clean clothes and eating, though neither the clothes or the food is as good as it was in July. I hired someone to help with my daycare & kids a couple of afternoons a week, and I’m hoping this will allow me to breathe again.

Dustin – Football practice 3 nights a week, some scrimmages, the season kicks off next weekend. He is doing a triathalon in 3 weeks!

Dorothy – Cheerleading 3 nights a week, hours and hours spent learning tumbling and practicing cheers

Liam – Preschool started yesterday, now it’s 3 afternoons a week! He’s making friends at football/cheer practice and this has been great for him!

Maggie –  talking up a storm, climbing everything, and a wonderfully charming little girl!

The Lewis & Clark is in 2 weeks. THis weekend we are walking 10 miles, will be the last big workout before the big day!


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