Was it worth it?

Yes, absolutely. I completed the Lewis & Clark half-marathon yesterday after months of hard training. The energy at the event was just amazing, how could it not be with over 6000 participants? My friend and I decided early on in the summer that now we are um…in our early 30’s…that it was time we started taking better care of ourselves, so we started beating the streets of our town and kicked the dust off of our treadmills. Keeping us motivated were a couple of factors – 1)paid our entry fees early, nobody wants to waste money, 2)several other friends had signed up as well, don’t want to lose face.

Saturday night I was incredibly nervous. What if the training didn’t pay off, after all, the most we did was about 10.5 miles? What if I overslept? What if I got hurt? What if I needed to use the potty half-way? What if I didn’t finish, would I disappoint myself, my friend, my kids who were so proud of me, my husband, my family? I woke hourly during the night and ultimately got up before 5:00am, took a shower and got dressed. THen I sat and listened to some music on my NEW MP3 Player (thanks to my wonderful husband!!!). Went to my friend’s house and we left for the race. We got there in more than enough time and had to stand around and wait, which was entertaining because of people watching and a hilarious DJ.

7:15: GO!

The music starts up – really, inspirational Rocky Type music. The crowd is cheering, people are singing, dancing, bouncing, moving through the turn-style start and finally it was our turn to move through the timing device activator!

I realize at about the 1 mile point that if I don’t go pee (already had gone 3 times) I’m never going to make it. I do a quick port-a-potty stop at mile 2, seriously took maybe 30 seconds total. We were rockin’ through Earth City, but miles 5-7 were tough, I don’t know if that was a mental hang-up or what, but they were hard, long, boring miles. Going over the Boone Bridge was terrifying. There were markings on the ground from MoDot that had arrows pointing to beam supports that said “REPLACE” and the wall between us and the river below was less than 4 feet high. Once over the bridge, though I knew that we were going to make it, the race was half over. In the last 2 miles, there were lots of spectators cheering us on by name, our race bibs had our names on them, and this was great and gave the little extra UMPH to keep on moving even though my legs felt like jello.

Nothing I can say here can properly describe how absolutely wonderful it was to see the finish line and to know that only 1/10th of a mile seperated me from completing a half-marathon. I saw the finish. I saw my husband. It doesn’t matter if I placed, it doesn’t matter how long it took, it doesn’t matter about anything, but I joined the ranks of less than 1% of our US population when I walked across the finish line! I did it! I set out to accomplish something, and dammit, I did it and I’m mighty proud of myself (and my friend too, we tied if you are curious).

13.1 miles – 3 hours, 28 minutes, 3 seconds. Worth every.single.moment it took to get there. Worth all the sweat, all the sore muscles, all the training time, worth it all.

I’m taking today off, and then starting training for a race in October.


5 thoughts on “Was it worth it?

  1. I am so proud of you!!! I loved reading this post as I gear up for my first half in October. I’m nervous because I took a month away from real training and I’m having a hard time getting back to it! You just gave me more inspiration I need to get back on the treadmill and do my first ten-mile run this week!!!! 🙂

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