Hot Dog Flavored Chips?

I was at Aldi’s and I saw a 12 pack of Jumpy’s

It looks JUST LIKE the picture above, except where it says “salted” it says “cheese”. Great! A new little snack for the lunch boxes of the kids! I’m thinking, 3D chips, what a great idea. I know Doritoes did them for a bit, but maybe this kind will last. Jumpy’s are made by Real McCoy SnackFood Company.

I open the package to fill lunch boxes and there are 12 bags, but the assortment is 3 cheese, 3 BBQ Supreme, 3 Chicken and 3 HOT DOG. Um, really? Hot dog flavor on a chip? I couldn’t bring myself to taste one, but I handed one to my stepson John for a review. I watched him turn colors, nearly barf, and then rush for a drink. The review was not positive at all. Thankfully, one of my daycare kids apparently has less refined tastes because he ate the rest of the package and asked for more. I will pass on this purchase in the future, the other flavors don’t make up for it.


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