Single Serve vs. Pot

I love my single serve Keurig coffee pod system. I love having an absolutely perfect cup of coffee every single time I put a new pod in. My husband John bought the Keurig for me because I love coffee and he wanted me to have a nice coffee maker. I’ve been using it for a year, but at about $0.45-$0.55 per cup, it’s gotten rather expensive to use when you consider that on an average day I drink 3 cups, on a bad day sometimes 5, and John usually drinks 1 or 2 as well.

I’m out of pods, again, which seems to be a monthly problem, usually remedied by a quick trip to Sam’s Club. Each month I talk about maybe this being too expensive, maybe I should go back to the pot system. I do own a decent coffee maker that keeps warm in a non-heated carafe, and really there was nothing wrong with it. We put it in the camper so we could camp with nice coffee. Well, this weekend we didn’t make it to Sam’s. We had to get coffee at Quick Trip yesterday, and Saturday, because I think I’d likely die without my daily intake of caffiene.

Last night we popped up the camper and got my coffee maker out. The brackets holding it off the counter were still in place (yes I’m so much of a hoosier I left them in place for a year…just in case). We remounted the pot and this morning I’m drinking my 2nd guilt free cup.

Pot wins this time.


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