WTH is this?

I am seriously considering using the heat tonight, or at the bare minimum having a fire in the fireplace. It is doggone COLD outside! I was going to take the daycare kids out to play yesterday and apparently one parent didn’t get the memo…her son was in shorts and a t-shirt. Really? Maggie has been sleeping in blanket sleepers or long 2 piece jammies. I think, though, I realized it was truly chilly when the other night I needed to pee, but couldn’t bring myself to actually uncover. My face was so cold I thought I was going to just die, so I kicked John to go turn off the attic fan – what were we thinking leaving it on??! John, being the furnace that he is, was like, “You are cold?” HELL YES I”M COLD….but in a super quite voice, because my voicebox was frozen shut I rasped, “yes.” And, can you believe this? He fell back asleep, so I kicked him again and he went and sweetly turned it off, came back to bed and didn’t even cover up, so I felt no guilt when I doubled the comforter up over Maggie and me.


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