The current housing crisis

How can a 5 bedroom home not be big enough? We are seriously facing this right now, and short of building an annex out back, we are looking for viable solutions. Maggie, 16 months, is still in our bedroom because we don’t have anywhere else to put her. She has nothing that belongs to *just her* because everything she gets goes into the daycare playroom for lack of space to put it. She is finally going to sleep without assistance, and selfishly, after 11 years of sharing, I’m ready to have my bedroom be child-free. So far, here is what is on the table:

1)Move Maggie in with Dorothy. Dorothy is 8, likes Littlest Pet Shop, American Girl, Barbie and art. She has tons of little pieces, DVD’s, books, scissors, markers, tiny shoes, etc. throughout her bedroom. These are currently contained by closing the door. She loves her baby sister, but we would have to find a way for Dorothy to still have her *things* without the potential for injury to Maggie.

2)Move Liam, age 4, into Dustin’s (age 10) room. He already has bunkbeds, but now that he is in middle school he likes to have some privacy, friends over, and has a whole slew of DVD’s, video games, and stuff that Liam already likes to bother. Liam has Little People, cars, trucks, action figures, puzzles, etc. that he likes to play with and leave out. Is it fair to Dustin to make him give up his privacy?

3)Encourage John (age 20) to move out. He is a full-time student, works full time, and is saving to move out. He has an exit plan (at our urging) in place, but won’t take effect until the end of May – as Maggie turns 2. Right now, he helps me with my daycare for a few minutes each day so I can take Dorothy to school, obviously when he goes, this will stop, so I’d need to find another solution. Next year she’ll be old enough to walk to school with some neighbor kids (and Liam).

4) Put the Dustin & Liam in one room, Dorothy and Maggie in the other and make the center room the playroom for all 4. I’m not sure how we’d control the tiny pieces issue, continue to allow the kids to have individual possesions, or address privacy and the want for *alone* time.

5) Clear out one of our master bedroom closets, put Maggie’s pack and play into it on one side, and her toys on the other. She would be able to have a few toys for herself, and wouldn’t be right up against our bed. The closet is in master *suite* (lacking a better word) and opens into the hallway in our room. This would be her *room* until John moves out, then move Dustin into John’s room, Liam into Dustin’s and Maggie into Liam’s.

After writing this all out, rather than hit delete, I’ll let you all see my thought process. It seems very obvious that the best answer is my final solution and I guess we will move John’s (the dad) stuff into my closet, and Maggie into his until May.


3 thoughts on “The current housing crisis

  1. What about Maggie and Liam in the same room? They are still young enough that it doesn’t matter much, and it would still be temporary until the oldest moves out in May.

  2. Then Maggie can tell her friends, sure, my mommy made me sleep in the closet until I was 2! He he! 🙂

    I like the idea above of Littles sharing a room for bit…

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