Holiday season ahead

Dorothy and Liam have each composed several letters to both Santa and Daddy in recent days. Each day it seems a new letter is on the table or being handed to one of us with a kiss – because you know a kiss will ensure that the letters are taken seriously. Liam dictates his letters to his big sister, who is not a very good speller (must get it from me, thank gawd for spell check). We are saving some of them to put away to look at many years from now, I think we will all get a good chuckle.

I definately need to get moving on the shopping, though. So far, I have secured 3 Zhu Zhu Pets. That’s it. I need accessories for them. Also on the list to buy: a Wii, baby dolls, Little People, Transformers, MP3 player, a For Real pet (or 3), and much more.


One thought on “Holiday season ahead

  1. Don’t forget I have a few accessories for the Zhu Zhu pets ~ grin ~

    And also don’t forget I still need some ideas for 2nd grandson down…if you are getting a wii, perhaps a game for him would be good or I’m still open for a PS2 game ~ let me know, k?

    Also one large gift to be purchased for you-know-who!

    Liam told me again the other night he wants me to get him Transformers, but since this Mrs. Clause has already got waaay too many gifts for him (lol), perhaps Santa Daddy could get them for him…along with the movie, he said! What a hoot he is 🙂

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